Wurlitzer Digital Lyra Jukebox

No we didn’t find this jukebox in an antique store from the 1940’s. We love music and until we can beam it straight into our brains, the Wulitzer Digigal Lyra Jukebox might be the best thing around. (Other GadgetFeast music players aside of course).

The Wurlitzer Digital Lyra Jukebox is controlled through a 15″ touchscreen, which sadly ruins it’s otherwise steam-punk cred.  The Lyra will (probably) hold your entire music collection with its 320GB of internal storage. It also can stream channels from the internet via built-in network connection. This jukebox puts out 200 watts of RMS power with two external studio quality speakers and an integrated active 10″ subwoofer.  Adding more coolness to this jukebox, it also has the capability to back up your entire music collection over your wireless network.

If you’re going for the classic, “I just found this in an antique store” look, but want the hi-tech of today’s gadgets then check it out.