Zombie Bottle

This is one of the easiest products to use we have ever seen.  Step 1: Break Bottle.  Step 2: Use Supplies.  Step 3: Survive. The Zombie Bottle survival kit may not be everything you need to survive the zombie apocalypse, but it definately helps.  Kit includes:

  • 6 inch steel de-braining spike
  • 2 anti-moaning ear plugs
  • 1 emergency bite cleansing kit
  • 2 bite sealing bandages
  • 1 chocolate candy (to remind you of the old times)
  • Bottle doubles as a weapon

Product description: You just finished that TPS report when your boss stumbles in. Having just finished off the secretary he has his one eye set on you! You have no where to go and the hoard is advancing… What do you reach for? The Zombie Survival Bottle contains all the supplies you will need for immediate survival plus doubles as a weapon! Step 1. Break Bottle Step 2. Use Supplies Step 3. Survive!

At just $14.99 for a pair, this is a must have for your doomsday kit.  Get it from www.zombiebottle.com