Zombie Garden Gnome

Garden Gnomes freak us out – they do – but this one made us cry like little girls (no offense to little girls out there.)  Etsy artist dougfx has released this zombie gnome for your garden of doom.

From the site:

“A plague is loose and is set to destroy life on earth as we know it! Since Garden Gnomes are a protector of “life” they are the first to fall ill to this new pandemic. They have become the undead in your flourishing garden of life. They are ZOMBIE GNOMES!

“Rising Dead” Zombie Gnome is cast out of garden statuary stone weighing 6 lbs. He measures 8 inches tall & is hand painted. ”

Each gnome is only $39, so if you are so inclined, get your own zombie horde started in your own garden!

Buy them from www.etsy.com, if you dare!