802.11AC WiFi

At GadgetFeast, like many geeky abodes, all our workstations are wired straight in to full Gigabit wired networks. Why? Because gigabit is faster than anything wireless, duh! And if you haven’t noticed, faster is better. That’s all changing soon though.

Buffalo is first-to-market with the upcoming wireless 802.11AC hardware. Their AirStation AC1300/N900 router and cleverly named companion AirStation AC1300/N450 bridge enable wireless networking up to 1.3 Gigabits per second. We honestly never thought we’d see the day where consumer wireless networking got faster than wired. (Enterprise wired networking remains much faster, but also ridiculously expensive for home use.) All the big home networking companies have at least announced, if not released their own 802.11AC products, including Netgear, Linksys, Belkin, Asus, and perhaps best of all is Marvell (not the comics) having announced a mobile chip.

The official 802.11AC spec includes using multiple antennas and radio bands to boost speeds in the future. While we’re unlikely to see actual products in the near future, the spec is already designed to support speeds of up to 7Gbs. All we can say is “Yes Please!”

The Buffalo products are already available at all your favorite electronics stores.