Alphyn Industries PADX-1

We find ourselves in need of an ever-growing collection of gadgets. Smart watches, iPods, smart phones, tablets, PDAs (just kidding.. remember those?) and yet.. we haven’t managed to grow extra arms yet. How then to carry all our gadgets? With another gadget of course! The Alphyn Industries PADX-1 Ledge pullover, in addition to being long enough to copy&paste instead of type, is also a clever answer to the question of how to actually carry and use that awesome tablet. Inspired by bomb squad suits, which integrate a tool shelf (apparently they don’t want to drop stuff?) the Ledge pullover holds a tablet so that you don’t have to.

The Ledge pullover is water resistant, which to us in the Northwest means you get wet slowly instead of quickly. Still, we’d be happy to wear one to ComicCon, CES, Tokyo Game Show, etc. To the mall? Ehhh.. jury is still out on that.

At $199 from their store, it’s a lot cheaper than growing another set of arms. Or most things with a NorthFace logo.

Ledge Pullover at Alphyn Industries