Arrinera Hussarya

Last year, we wrote about the Polish Arrinera Supercar prototype, and today we received the specs final version (and name) of the car – the Hussarya.  The drive train stays basically the same from the prototype, 6.2L GM motor, supercharged to 638bhp and 602lb-ft of torque, carbon fiber and aluminum frame, with a carbon fiber and Kevlar composite body. Massive 255/30 R19’s at the front and 335/30 R20 tires and ceramic brakes, and of course the totally trick Thermal Imaging Camera.

What they have really updated is the aerodynamics and overall body styling of the Hussarya, featuring retractable spoilers that deploy to a 50 degree angle when you hit the brakes at over 100 mph.  After the next software update, these will also function as part of the active aero/stability system.

They have also stated how many Hussaryas they will build – just 33.  Available in both right and left hand drive configuration, so no matter where you live, you can own one – assuming you have a butt ton of cash laying around!  Price has not been released, but we believe this is one of those “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it” type situations.