Aston Martin V12 Zagato

Yes, it seems like we are posting a lot of cars lately, but hey – it’s just that time of year.  This car comes from one of our favorite all time marquees, Aston Martin.  Their latest super car is named the V12 Zagato.  V12 for the 510hp twelve cylinder motor in the front, Zagato for what it makes you say as you pass 180 mph.

This totally hand-build monster features a TON of carbon fiber, a whopping motor, and styling that is just flat out sexy.  At $500,000, it sure ain’t cheap, but like Handsome Rob says about an Aston Martin, “There’s not a lot a girl won’t do in the passenger seat of one of those things.”

Only 150 of these will be built, so if everyone wants to chip in a few bucks, we’d be happy to store it at our office!