Beetlejuice Terrarium

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!  Terrariums are cool – with their fully contained ecosystems.  This one, however, kicks into the uber-cool realm with it’s Beetlejuice theme.

Sitting atop vast hills of moss in this wide jar is a scale model of one famously morbid ghostly house. It stands at only 1 1/2″ tall, this miniature house was sculpted out of wax, and then hand painted with a single hair brush for the window panes, and thin wire for the pillars.

The placement of the tree, the posts and dirt driveway are all accurately interpreted in this tiny living version of the haunted Connecticut house. Don’t dare say Beetlejuice three times or you might find yourself in a pickle! Simply refer to the Book of the Recently Deceased.

The terrarium create a sustainable ecosystem that you can keep anywhere in your home or office. With easy care instructions, anyone can care for these tiny worlds, from the most experienced botanist to those with a brown thumb. Included with your purchase is an easy care instruction fold.

All moss is harvested 100% living and ready for someone to care for them! (note: the tree is not living, it is dried moss) This terrarium will be made to order, the original has been purchased. The house and moss will vary slightly, but still have that classic cult film charm! Because of the amount of detail, please allow at least 3 weeks for shipping and to create.