Boosted Boards

Skateboards are nice and safe, so why not put some motors on them?  What’s the worst that could happen?

Boosted Boards have actually come up with a powered skateboard that solves a few problems.  First off, it has enough power to go up hill – 2.6hp to be exact.  It also has a regenerative braking system in case that downhill gets steep or a car pulls out in front of you, while at the same time helping to keep your batteries charged.  The handheld remote controls the throttle and braking control, as well as displays the battery life.

Top shelf components like a Loaded Vanguard, Bear Grizzly 852s, Otang 80A In Heats, and Jehu bearings make it one smooth ride.  With a range of 6 miles before recharge, this is the perfect last mile vehicle.  Light weight, top speed of 20mph, and only 12lbs.  Looks great to us!