Butt Face Soap

Now THIS product is one of those that makes us wonder how we have lived without it for so long! This two sided bar makes sure you know what is washing where.  No more playing “sniff the soap bar” to see which cheeks you are supposed to wash first.

This 1.6oz bar of soap is so awesome, for either a gift or yourself, we weren’t sure which pun to use.  So here are a few and you can choose which one you want to apply yourself.

  • Perfect for cheek-to-cheek cleaning
  • Great gift for those who are a bit “anal” about these sorts of things
  • Color coded for those real butt faces!
  • Smells good, because where you wash doesn’t

For just $6.50, this is a great Holiday gift.  Get two for your boss, and set one each way on his desk.