Canon 5D Mark III

The earlier Canon 5D Mark II, while being a fine photographic tool, made most of it’s headlines for revolutionizing low-budget video. “Low budget” is of course a relative term, being a $3,000 camera even 3 years after release. 3 years is an eternity in computing and cameras, so today Canon has announced its replacement, the creatively-named 5D Mark III. Speaking of creativity, the 5D has gone from its 2008 spec of 21 Megapixels, to 2012’s 22 Megapixels. Somewhat more impressive is the move from 9 autofocus points to 61, and the bump up from 3.9 frames per second to a more modern 6 frames per second. The rear screen got an upgrade from 920,000 pixels on a 3 inch screen, to 1,040,000 pixels on a 3.2 inch screen. Canon did add more control for shooting video, and added about 1/4 pound to the camera weight. In our humble opinion, this seems more like a “Hey, lets add a new number to an old model, and see who buys it” release than a “Let’s take it all apart, upgrade everything, and borrow an old model name for reference” release. On a positive note, they didn’t increase the price by much. The new 5D Mark III retails for $3,500 without a lens, or packaged with their versatile 24-105mm lens for $4,299.

It will be available at the end of March from your favorite high-tech retailers or camera shops. For further, less snarky information, head over to DPReview’s press release or their preview article.