Carbon Fiber Swingline Stapler

If someone took this from me, I’d go all Milton on them too!  You read the title right – it’s a carbon fiber Swingline stapler.  This is a customized Swingline stapler converted into a carbon fiber version of itself.


  • Made with real carbon fiber
  • Clearcoated for the ultimate shine
  • Carbon fiber work done in the USA
  • Genuine Swingline stapler components

From the site:

The world’s first carbon fiber stapler is also the worlds finest. This genuine Swingline stapler has been converted into a carbon fiber work of art. The top portion of the stapler has been skinned with a real 2×2 carbon fiber twill weave and then clear coated and buffed for maximum shine. All the carbon fiber work is done by hand in the USA, making it a must-have desk accessory for any carbon fiber enthusiast.

So guess what we just did?  Ordered one for the office!  Your turn – head over to and get yours.