Cards Against Humanity

If you’re like us, then first of all we’re sorry, and secondly, there’s fairly few lines you won’t cross for the sake of humor. “Too soon?” – No such thing. It’s not that we’re bad people, it’s just that.. well O.K., maybe we’re bad people. Apparently we’re not the only ones though. Max Temkin’s successful Kickstarter project, “Cards Against Humanity” turns the party-favorite Apples-to-Apples game on it’s head, and kicks it a few times for good measure. In the face. Then laughs. Yes, we’re getting a set for the office.

It’s not entirely our fault, but the first run of decks sold out. More are expected in March. They are being sold through, although we’ll be shocked if Thinkgeek doesn’t stock them eventually.
In the mean time you can read more cards, and even download a pdf version from