Croon Audio Original Bluetooth Speaker

Pretty much everyone has their music collection on their smartphone nowadays.   The main problem (other than someone discovering your love for Justin Bieber) is how to play it on something other than an 1/8th of a inch speaker.  Enter the Croon – super-simple, no frills, great performing Hi-Fi amplifier with built in Bluetooth receiver.  It does one thing, and it does it well – provides great sound to your phone, tablet, computer, or any other Bluetooth device you can think of.


  • Audiophile sound
  • Quality components
  • 15 watts per channel stereo
  • Class D amp
  • Two 2.5″ forward facing Full Range Drivers
  • Bluetooth® connection
  • 30 feet (10m) range
  • 1 input jack 3.5mm (music in)
  • 1 output jack 3.5mm (music out)
  • USB for charging only (5V DC)
  • 18V External power supply (included)
  • Stereophonic construction
  • Expansive audio perception
  • Controlled bass acoustics
  • VLD – very low distortion technology
  • Connects to any music player that has Bluetooth® connectivity. Check your settings, your phone or tablet might have it
  • Bluetooth® connectivity allows for all-digital-sound-transfer
  • Set it and forget it function
  • Eternal Stand-By – ready to play as long it has power
  • MDF housing – gorgeous sound comes for good materials, thick walls and controlled acoustics
  • Cone feet – a patent pending solution, works very well at isolating the speaker from the surrounding environment
  • Tripod feet layout – another patent pending innovation, it provides stability regardless of the surface it is placed on

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