Devium Dash

When Ferrari launched it’s limited edition 16M super car, it had an option to have the stereo actually be a 16G iPod touch.  We thought that was a great idea (the 16M as well as the stereo).  It got us wondering, though, why more people weren’t launching a product like that.  Now days the big thing is hooking up your iDevice to your stereo to get all the advanced features of your phone in your car.  So why not just MAKE it your car stereo system?

The Devium Dash is just that – an in-dash car stereo that is built around a faceplate made to accommodate an iPhone or iPod touch, securing it in a CNC’d aluminum and plastic cradle. This gives you full access to the touchscreen and all your apps. The Dash features a double-din body, 50W x 4 output with 2 preamp outputs, and your choice of standard aluminum or anodized black or white finishes.

Install the Devium Dashboard App, and you have the perfect in dash system.  Coming this July for just $290 – $340!