Drivemocion LED Car Sign

Tell that honking idiot or tailgater behind you exactly what you think.  Right now, you just have the very limited hand gestures (or finger gestures), but our friends at ThinkGeek have a great solution.

The remote-controlled LED car message sign affixes to your rear window with a suction cup, and the wireless remote sticks to the front windshield for easy control.  You can easily display one of the 16 included messages:

  • Help (for emergencies)
  • Sorry (when you accidentally cut someone off)
  • Back off (for tailgaters)
  • Slow down (it’s not NASCAR, people!)
  • Thanks (to those who let you merge)
  • Goodbye (before you pull out your shotgun and go all road rage)
  • Have a nice day (if you’re a nice person)
  • Numerous facial expressions to cover the gamut of road emotions

One LITTLE disclaimer – these may not legal in all states, so check with your local laws before your purchase (yea, like you are really going to, but hey, we had to say it).

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