EmpiraCraft Custom Car Emblems

Nerdy and awesome custom car emblems with sci-fi themes! Geekify your ride by attaching these high-quality automobile badges to your vehicle. These ARE the emblems you’re looking for!

Each emblem is created from durable plastic, painted black and chrome, and has all-weather, automotive-grade, peel-and-stick double-sided tape on the back so it will stick permanently on the back of your car – so you better make sure you like it!

Available badges include:

  • Falcon: Millennium Edition
  • Land Speeder
  • NCC_1701
  • POS
  • Firefly
  • Canyonero
  • Boxcar
  • NC-1701-D
  • AT-AT
  • many more…

Throw some sci-fi flavor on your car – get them from www.etsy.com