Epic Frequency Prints

So, what exactly is Epic Frequency? Well, it’s art. It’s art rendered from the waveforms of iconic audio recordings. There are moments that define humanity and they thought it would be a great idea to create unique artwork that can visually express these defining moments – called Epic Frequencies.

Available frequencies

  • Neil Armstrong “One Small Step”
  • Ronald Reagan “Tear Down This Wall”
  • FDR “Fear Itself”
  • John F Kennedy “Ask Not”
  • Martin Luther King, Jr, “I Have A Dream”
  • Mitt Romney 2012 RNC Speech
  • Barack Obama 2012 DNC Speech
  • Barack Obama 2009 Inauguration
  • Albert Einstein “E=mc2”
  • Your Custom Epic Frequency

Each Epic Frequency canvas print is 48 inches wide, 18 inches high, and is wrapped on a 1.5 inch frame.   They are limited editions, so if you see one you like – get it now! Prices range from $299 for the standard frequencies, $499 for your own custom frequency.