Executive Hoodie

With Facebook getting ready to go public, Marky Z is going to have to start dressing up a little bit more when he hits Wall Street.  So how does the king of the nerds look fancy?  An Executive Hoodie, of course!

This Executive Pinstripe Hoodie is the ultimate in business-casual (or casual-business, if you prefer). This garment is crafted from 100% superfine merino wool, the same exquisite fabric found in fancy-schmancy tailored suits. So exquisite, in fact, the Spanish used to execute anyone who tried to export it. Thank goodness they eventually lightened up.

In addition to that wonderful wool, the hoodie features luxurious tie-cloth lining, comfy ribbed cotton cuffs, and a pair of roomy front pockets.

So show those stuffy suits how you REALLY roll.  Get yours from BetaBrand before Mark buys them all!