Ferrari California Handling Speciale

Leave it to Ferrari to take an awesome car and improve it.  When Ferrari launched the California a few years ago, it was an amazing combination of power, style and handling.  However, not liking to leave well enough alone, they have released V2 – the Handling Speciale.

They started by boosting the power output by 30 to 483hp, meaning 0-62 is now reached in 3.8 seconds.  The handling package adds Magnetorheological (Gesundheit) dampers are controlled by a 50% faster ECU, stiffer springs help with more precise body control, and 10 percent quicker steering ratio thanks to a new steering box.

Of course, if you care more about style over performance, then perhaps you’ll dig the more extensive paint palette, with two-tone and three-layer finishes of some of Ferrari’s classic color schemes.