Ferrite Interactive Liquid Sculpture

Ferrofluid is an extraordinary material with unique ferromagnetic properties. Although dozens of applications for it have been found – from hard drives to loudspeakers – its most impressive is arguably as an interactive display.

Ferrofluid displays capture the best qualities of ferrofluid, both as a liquid and as a ferromagnetic substance. By applying magnetic fields of different strengths, different shapes and formations begin to appear in this otherworldly black liquid. By suspending it in a clear liquid, even more interactive qualities are exposed. The goal for Ferrite is to create the best ferrofluid display possible. Premium materials like anodized aluminum and high-quality materials are being utilized to create a refined and beautiful product.

Ferrite has been designed with the desktop use in mind. Its design is attractive even when static, and allows for optimal interaction with ferrofluid. The solid aluminum base prevents the display from tipping over, while a matching stylus houses powerful neodymium magnets. A thin layer of rubber on the underside prevents any kind of sliding or slipping while being used. A high-quality enclosure creates a crystal clear view of the fluid, showing off the brilliant and beautiful qualities of ferrofluid.

Ferro has been designed as a smaller, more interactive version of Ferrite. It features a cage to protect the container, as well as a special encased magnet that rests on the top of the vessel. By creating a recessed cavity for the magnet to rest, the ferrofluid is kept consistently in its ferromagnetic state, making it an interesting display piece. Using CNC techniques normally reserved for fine watches, the aluminum cage is a secure and finely crafted piece of hardware.

Available through kickstarter.com