GiiNii BlϋCan

A while ago, we wrote about the GiiNii AudioBulb, and it was awesome! But their new product, is REALLY awesome.  Called the BlϋCan, this Bluetooth speaker transforms any solid surface into a powerful 360 degree speaker.  Smaller than a can of soup, it uses Vibration Resonance Technology to transfer sound waves to flat surfaces, creating bass and mids that normally require a separate subwoofer or stereo speaker. Place BlϋCan on any surface like a desk, countertop or a sliding patio glass door to deliver powerful and lifelike performance.

Connect a Bluetooth enabled device to it, and use it to listen to music, calls or increase the audio from your favorite move.  Wireless controls make it easy to play, pause, track, volume, answer, and hangs up calls all from across the room.  The can speaker even has a mic in it so it would make a great portable speaker phone.

With output power of 10W Vibration Resonance Technology (VRT) and a frequency range of 40Hz-20KHz, this thing should rock!

$100 and it’s yours from