GloveShot Slingshot

Ever miss the toys of your youth?  Lawn darts, wood burning kits – slingshots?  Well, Montie Gear has a great way to re-live your youth – the GloveShot Slingshot.  The GloveShot is designed with a hand brace to allow for more stability and the use of bands with higher pull weight. Bracing against the back of the hand rather than the forearm allows this slingshot to comply with laws which in some states, provinces, and countries which have banned slingshots that brace against the forearm.  Stupid laws…

The three main parts of the GloveShot are held together by four stainless steel pins and two stainless steel check nuts. The check nuts can be unscrewed allowing the GloveShot to be quickly disassembled and reassembled for easy storage and transportation. The same construction allows the handle to be flipped around for righties or lefties.

As with all Montie Gear slingshots, the 16 lbs pull weight flat band provides a high-performance accurate shot. But since this slingshot allows for higher weight bands to be used more easily you might want to also consider purchasing an additional double flat band with a pull weight of 30-35 lbs.

The frame is waterjet cut from aluminum for strength, and anodized black for durability and quality surface finish. Paracord with a 550lb breaking strength is use to wrap the slingshot and for the brace.

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