Gotham Bicycle Defense Light

Here in the Pacific Northwest, people ride their bikes year round.  During the dark winter months, that means going to and from work are normally in the dark – making a bike light pretty much mandatory.  Enter The Defender – the theft-resistant bike light.  It locks onto your handlebars making it next-to-impossible to remove.

The Defender is made of lightweight aluminum, has ultrabright LEDs, and has 3xAA batteries for 100 hours of battery life.  It’s been put through extensive durability and reliability testing to make sure it’s nearly indestructible.  But what about the theft proof part?  It is attached using a special security screwdriver that you can’t get at the hardware store.


  • Weight (g) : 232
  • Dimensions (mm): 100 x 42 x 80
  • Handlebar Sizes (mm): 22 to 32
  • Batteries: 3 x AA
  • Battery Life (hr): 50 steady, 100 flashing
  • Beam: 30 degree spread & 80 degree periphery hotspot

And don’t forget the best part – it looks like a freakin’ gun!  Put two on your bike and go double barrel.

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