Grill Clips

Summer is here, which means it’s BBQ season. We actually think every is BBQ season, except October 12th – that’s clean the grill day.  A while ago, we heard a rumor that people actually grill things that aren’t steak and brauts.  NO idea why you would want to.  Craziest rumor we heard?  People grill vegetables.  Yep – crazy, huh?

If you are one of those types, then you need these – Grill Clips.  While it could be used as a cool handle for your steak, it works really well for individual portions of things like asparagus, zucchini slices, green onions, etc.  Clip ’em, grill ’em, and push them around your plate so your mom thinks you ate them.

Available as a set of four, so you can torture 3 other friends with veges too!