I Want To Draw A Cat For You

Steve draws cats. Steve went on Shark Tank and got $25,000 from Mark Cuban for 33% of his company.  Steve wants to draw you a cat.  Awesome.

For $9.95, Steve will draw a cat doing whatever you request, drop it in an envelope and send it to you.  You can, of course, send one to someone else as a gift.  We brainstormed at the office, and here are some ideas as to what you could send them for:

  • Creative way to quit your job
  • Ask someone to prom
  • Confess to a crime
  • Tell your parents you’re gay a rollerblader
  • Order pizza
  • Contact your members of congress
  • Baby’s first Christmas
  • Anything else you can think of!

So far, Steve has drawn 2006 cats.  We are sending a request for a GadgetFeast cat to be drawn, and will post it when it is done.

Get your own cat at www.iwanttodrawacatforyou.com