iCache Geode Digital Wallet

One card, to rule them all! Unlike other digital wallet concepts, the Geode digital wallet works everywhere you already shop. The included GeoCard turns into any of your credit or debit cards with just the tap of a button on the free Geode App. Then just pull it out and swipe it like you would any regular credit card.  Have a loyalty card or membership card with a barcode? The Geode has an onboard e-ink screen can be read by any existing terminal.

But what about security? Geode has built-in biometric security biometric security so that only registered fingerprints have access to the Geodeapp.  Without an authorized fingerprint, the GeoCard and e-ink screen are rendered useless. Try getting that level of security from a regular credit card!

Other cool features:

  • Stay organized. Customize the way your cards look on the Geode app so you can always find the card you’re looking for. No more hunting for cards in your fat wallet or key ring ever again!
  • Share the wealth. Register additional fingerprints so that your spouse or family member can access and use your Geode. (Or keep Geode all to yourself – it’s up to you.)
  • The GeoCard will automatically erase after a certain amount of time that you specify. So if you ever get separated from your GeoCard, it becomes a useless piece of plastic until it finds its way back to your Geode.
  • Retailers Rejoice! Geode works with existing point of sale systems, so there’s no need to purchase expensive new equipment.

Ready to get started?  Get it from www.icache.com