Instaprint is a location based photo booth that can transform parties and events by putting a camera in everyone’s hand. By setting Instaprint to look out for specific locations or hashtags, any Instagram tagged appropriately will automatically be printed out on inkless paper. Get one for your next party, event, wedding, fiesta – wherever.

Having a bigger event?  You can daisy chain additional Instaprints together to share power and connectivity.  Just have one with the controller and Wi-Fi module in it, and it will drive other controller-less Instaprints.

Wi-Fi connection is quick and simple, making it perfect for any location.

Instaprint’s parent company, BREAKFAST, is in the process from moving from prototype to production.  If you are interested in helping and want one for yourself, head over to to give them a hand!

Want to try Instaprint? Just tag your Instagram with #instaprint and watch live below as your image is printed.