iPICS 2 Go

We’ve all seen photo scanners before, but this one is a bit different.  Instead of using a computer and a built in camera, this one uses your iPhone 4 or 4S as the scanner.

The process is simple: For prints, simply load the picture into the iPICS 2 GO photo tray, place the tray under the iPICS 2 GO photo booth and take a picture with your iPhone 4 camera. That’s it, your picture is ready to be instantly uploaded to social media sites, emailed to friends, or stored in your digital archive. iPICS 2 GO comes with a free photo editing app* that converts your slides and negatives into sharable photos, and includes a Facebook button for instant sharing!

The iPICS 2 GO photo booth has built-in lighting that illuminates your photos evenly with no hotspots or glare. With the iPICS 2 GO photo tray in place, your photo is isolated from all outside lighting and interference, positioned perfectly for your iPhone 4 camera.

Looks like an easy way to take those old school photos into the digital age.

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