iRig Mix

DJ setups keep getting smaller and smaller.  20 years ago, it used to be crates and crates of records to make sure you had the right song.  Now with MP3s and digital technology, you can carry everything you need in a small backpack.

The iRig Mix makes the ultra portable DJ setup a viable option.  Working with iOS devices, the lightweight, portable box offers crossfader, cue, EQ, and volume controls.  You can use it with a single iOS device or in a more traditional two device setup.  Additional features include an extra guitar/mic input, standard RCA outputs for direct connection to PAs or powered speakers, and, of course, a headphone output for master or cue monitoring.

The setup also comes with 4 free apps:

  • DJ Rig – Professional DJ mixing app
  • AmpliTube – iOS guitar amp and effects app
  • VocaLive – Processing app for vocalists
  • GrooveMaker – Loop based beat and groove mixing app

Not a bad setup for $100! (iOS devices not included in that price – duh)