Kelty Airpitch Inflatable Tent

Setting up tents can be hard – especially for computer geeks like us.  Kelty has come up with a tent for morons non-outdoorsy people like us.  Unroll it, attach the pump, and it is setup in under a minute.

Instead of the normal bendy, shock-corded poles, the tents use inflatable poles, which Kelty claims guarantee quick, easy set-up and tear-down. Each AirPitch tent includes an integrated rainfly, so there’s no separate attachment process and you can set the tent up from inside in the event of a rainstorm. In the morning, simply pop open the valves and the tent deflates back into flat form in about the same minute time-frame it took to inflate.

Available in either 4 or 6 person layouts, they aren’t the lightest tents out there.  But hey, if you are camping with 6 people in a tent, more than likely you are pulling up to the campsite in a car.

Coming Spring 2013