Keyboard Pants

Every once in a while a gadget comes along that we just aren’t sure about.  This is one of those gadgets – the Keyboard Pants.  These are jeans which have an integrated fully functional keyboard, mouse and speakers.  The jeans are finished with stitches which are inspired by a PCB’s pattern. While currently a proof of concept, the designers are currently looking for the funding to make them a reality.

Here are our concerns:

  • How would you wash these things?
  • What would people think you were doing while you are typing at your desk?
  • If you get mad and hit your keyboard, will you hurt your junk?
  • Would gaming be hazardous to your health?
  • If you need to ask someone to enter their password for work, can you be sued for sexual harassment?
  • When a cute girl walks by, do you start auto-typing?

Designers say the target price is around $400.  Hey – we’ve seen worse products to spend $400 on!