kiSkin Swimwear

Well it’s spring break, which means time to bust out the board short and bikinis – unless you are like us and live in the Pacific NW.  For us, it’s 37 degrees and raining, so we are in thick sweaters and rain jackets.  We know how to party! For other parts of the Northern Hemisphere, spring break does mean bikinis and parties, so you need to make sure you have the correct gear.  If you are a hot chick, a kiSkin bikini might just be the key.

Made from a patented lycra system, it allows your bikini to dry in just a few seconds.  What really separates these from other bikinis, however, is the punched out shape which allows the sun to tan a specific shape on your body.  The Basic collection has a heart, and the Double Poker collection has one of the poker shapes.  Sexy we tell ya!

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that these are bikinis, and normally are filled with hot women!

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