Lamborghini Urus

Sport SUVs are becoming all the craze – just ask Maserati.  The latest manufacturer to throw their hat in the ring is Lamborghini.  While this isn’t Lambo’s first SUV (anyone remember the LM002), the Urus is definitely their fastest.  Launch date for the Urus is 2015, which means details are slim.  Here is what we DO know, however.

Power will be around 600hp, with all that punch coming from a derivative of the 10-cylinder Gallardo engine.  Extensive use of carbon fiber will reduce the weight, while new electronic engine management system will make the fuel economy almost livable!

What about the name? The name “Urus” comes from an extinct breed of giant cow that lived in Europe and was called the Aurochs. These mythical creatures were mentioned by Julius Ceasar in the chronicles of the Gallic Wars. Later, in the middle ages, the hunting of the Aurochs was restricted solely to the noble class. The last known Aurochs died out in 1627 in the Jaktorow forest in Poland. These giant cows were known to be aggressive, but were also likely domesticated into breeding cattle.

So it’s powerful, exclusive, and named after a giant cow.  Yep – we want one!