It’s winter here in the Pacific Northwest – which means it is raining.  We are geeks at the office, which means we have a lot of electronics.  Electronics and rain don’t mix.  Well, they used to not mix!  Liquipel is not a case, it’s a process that your phone goes through to make it waterproof.  You know what – just watch these videos:

How awesome is that?  Liquipel permanently bonds at the molecular level to your device, both internally and externally, and makes it waterproof – even if you drop it in the bath!

It currently works on iPhone 3’s and above, and select HTC, Motorola and Samsung phones, and we hope that it will work on many more things shortly.  At just $59 for the Liquipel Treatment, we view this as a small price to pay to protect your phone.

Now we just wonder when we can get it on our cars / windows / motorcycle helmets, etc etc etc! for more info, or to purchase the protection.