Lotus Evora GTE F1 Edition

We love the Lotus Evora – it’s an amazing sports car.  How could they make it better?  Make the body out of carbon fiber, pump up the motor to 444hp and throw in an F1 transmission.  Well, they did.

Like the rest of the GTE Evoras, this variant is a road-going version of Lotus’ ALMS car currently campaigned by Alex Job Racing. Power is provided by the same 444-horsepower supercharged V6, with overall weight reduced by some 200 pounds, making it the fastest roadworthy Lotus in the company’s history. As for the look, they have left the body mainly raw carbon fiber with just a hint of black and gold as a tribute to their F1 cars.

Price is coming soon, and we have no doubt this limited edition will be hard to come by!