Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft is going after the iPad.  Look out – it’s going to be a battle.  Yesterday, Microsoft announced the Surface Tablet, which has some pretty cool specs.  Running Windows RT (a Windows 8 variant), the 10.6″ high-def touchscreen tablet has front and rear cameras, which all fit into a 9.3mm think, 1.5 pound frame.

The device’s cover fflips down to become a full keyboard. It features a rigid case built from magnesium, a pen that clicks into the tablet and a built-in kickstand. The processing power comes from a microchip designed by ARM on this version, however there will be a later version of Surface running on Intel chips.

Specifics are still pretty vague, however the RT version will be available sometime this fall in a 32 and 64 gigabyte versions and will be priced “comparably” to the other tablets on the market.  The full Windows 8 version will be available 3 months later (aka the Holiday season) in 64 and 128 gigabyte versions.  These will be priced more in the Ultrabook range, which is around $1000.

This isn’t Microsoft’s first attempt at breaking into an already well established market, and they’ve done with mixed results.  Think Zune vs. iPod and Xbox vs. Playstation.  It will be interesting how this one plays out.