Mountain Dew and Doritos Cupcake

You had us at Mountain Dew!  What we have here is a cupcake with 3 of the 4 geek food groups – Mountain Dew, Doritos and cupcakes (the 4th gummy worms).  4Rivers Smokehouse in Orlando, Florida, features this cupcake made with a Mountain Dew syrup in the batter, and a little in the frosting, with crushed up Doritos as a topping.

The owner, John Rivers, explained that he wanted to make cupcakes with everyone’s favorite snack – chips and soda.  He also has a Coke and Ruffles cupcake, and is looking for a use for Nehi grape soda and Fritos.  It’s like the Island of Doctor Moreau for sweets.

John says that his amazingly twisted treats will be available for shipping by the holiday season.  Attention everyone – send us some!