Nikon Coolpix S800c

Point-and-shoot cameras are soooo 2004, that it’s rare we’re impressed by one. With Nokia’s 41Megapixel phone, why bother? Today, we think Nikon just gave the whole point-n-shoot world new relevance in the Android age, by in face, releasing an Android camera. The Nikon Coolpix S800c is a fairly standard 16MP, 10x optical zoom from the front, but the back reveals it as an Android-powered, WiFi-connected (and USB 3.0 thank you, thank you, thank you!!!) hacker’s dream. Cell phone cameras are great for immediately sharing your latest cat photo with 1,400 of your closest friends, but to this day can’t compete on an image-quality basis with dedicated camera hardware. (It’s the glass!) So now, you can still immediately share your latest cat photo, it’ll just be a much better photo. Plus, with the Android OS running in the background, you can shoot with Instagram, Hipstamatic, or whatever the “in” photo editing suite of tomorrow brings.

At $349, it’s definitely on our short-list of P&S camera considerations. Now, if we could make phone calls on it too, we’d already have one.

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