Nikon D3200

If you’ve been following GadgetFeast long enough, you may have noticed that *ahem* one of our writers leans twords being a Sony fanboy when it comes to cameras. So with that as background on author bias, let’s get this out of the way too: The Nikon D3200 looks awesome. Cameras today can’t be judged on just one number or characteristic, but as a whole package. So what does the D3200 bring, as a package? 24MP stills, 1080p30 HD video, 11-point AF, and an optional WiFi dongle. Oh wait, we forgot something in that list. Perhaps the best number about the D3200 is the smallest number. Shockingly, and for once in the camera world, it’s the price. $700 for the body with an 18-55 VR zoom lens. Now don’t get us wrong, this isn’t a pro-level camera, but for those on a reasonable budget, the D3200 packs an amazing punch.

Back to the part about the dongle, and not just because we like using ‘dongle’ in a sentence, although we do. WiFi on a camera can help get your cat photos to Facebook faster, yes. But in this case, Nikon’s optional WU-1a dongle pairs the camera wirelessly to any WiFi-enabled Android device. Is the 3″, 921k dot rear camera screen too small? No problem, pair it to your 10 inch, 1080p tablet, and you’ve got yourself an awesome system. Need to shoot a school play up close, but can’t be on stage? No problem! Put the camera in on a tripod, sit out in the crowd, annoying everyone around you with the glow of your phone or tablet, and snap away! You can review photos on the Android device, or control the camera with it. For $60, we can’t imagine NOT getting the dongle, if our poor sad Sony camera supported it.

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