Nikon D800

Just when I hoped the megapixel wars were over, Nikon unleashes the 36MP full-frame D800. At 7360 x 4912 resolution, I can hear Photoshop crying already. The 4 frames per second doesn’t seem that impressive until you do the math on Megabytes-per-second. Then, at 144Megabytes per second, it becomes impressive enough to frighten small memory cards. Speaking of small memory cards, don’t forget the 1080p30 full HD video capability. Granted, a 36MP stills-oriented DSLR at $3,000 isn’t going to be most people’s first choice for a video camera, but Nikon threw the feature in anyway. 1920×1080 video is only 2MP, leaving 34MP to waste. In a curious, and very welcome, and very nerdy addition, Nikon is releasing the standard D800, and the D800e, which lacks the anti-aliasing filter. Video gamers of the world know how awesome anti-aliasing is, but photographers know it robs them of fine detail. The reasons are well beyond the scope of this article, but it’s very cool that consumers are given the choice.

Beyond that, it goes on to tick every check-box you’d want on a feature list. It’s expected to be available in stores in March. Until then, check out the more in-depth preview at