Nixie Tube Desk Clock

Release your inner geek! Nixie tubes are the LED indicators of the past. In the 1950’s, 60’s, and early 70’s, there were no LED or liquid crystal displays. So, neon gas filled tubes were used to display numerical data. These Nixie tubes were commonly found on scientific equipment, counters, voltmeters, control panels, etc. Nixies feature a characteristic warm orange glow. Having been widely replaced by newer display technology, Nixie tubes are no longer mass produced, which explains their price today.

The tubes mount in a unique double set of boards that can be easily integrated into your own enclosure or equipment. Unlike today’s digital displays that run on a few volts, these Nixie tubes have an anode voltage of 180VDC, and the clock should not be displayed turned on without a suitable enclosure! Ouch!

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