Olive ONE HD Music Player

Olive ONE Media Player

Knock knock.  Who’s there?  Olive.  Olive who?  Olive this media player!  Okay, that was a stupid kids joke, but this media player kicks all sorts of ass.  The Olive is a one stop solution to the different media that you normally have all over the place.  With Bluetooth 4.0, it connects to your smart devices, the fast Wi-Fi helps with streaming and local media, and the built in access for Spotify and Pandora help you keep discovering new artists.  The optional internal 1TB drive allows you to store whatever you don’t have elsewhere.

So how do you listen to it? Audiophile-quality dual HD amplifiers or via Wi-Fi Miracast make sure you can listen to it in all it’s awesome digital glory!

Prices start at $400, and you can get it starting mid next year.