Optimus Prime Statue

It’s never to early to start a Christmas list, right?  Dear Santa – we have been kinda good all year.  Yes we know it is only January, but hey – it’s a start.  This year we would like a 9ft tall, 1000 pound statue of Optimus Prime.  What?  Your elves can’t do that?  That’s okay – we found a guy in Taiwan who can!

This very steampunk-esque version of Optimus Prime is made from “recycled metal, useless auto parts & machine parts.”  It is then coated with a lacquer paint to protect it from rust.  It’s huge, it’s awesome, and we want it!  I’m sure we can find SOMEWHERE for it.

Wait – it’s $10,500?  Back to the Santa idea…

Get it from www.etsy.com