Overnight Werewolf Hunting Experience

Did you hate the Twilight series (aka, are you not a 13 year old girl?)  Here is your chance to take out a werewolf or two.  ChilliSauce offers the chance to get even with those hairy, glittery spawn of the damned. Head out after dark and take on a werewolf – on his own turf, and try to outwit this fierce, cunning, intelligent predator.

After you arrive, you’ll then receive a crash course in basic military training – procedures and weapons training that’ll save your life (hopefully…). You’ll lay out explosive booby traps, utilizing pressure pads and trip wires. Then, head out into the wild on Werewolf hunting missions – don’t expect to all come back alive. If you do survive, the real challenge begins – the wolves attack your fortified position – it’s time to hold them off long enough to secure the silver bullets.

Warning: Chances of survival are slim.

After you win/lose/become wolf steak, you can either head back to your military style accommodations to get some sleep, or enjoy a movie and the “Stag Pack” – a couple crates of lager and other assorted snacks.

Sound good?  All you have to do is head to England to do it!