Paparazzo iPhone Light

The iPhone is being used to take some amazing photos, but sometimes, the flash just doesn’t cut it.  The Paparazzo iPhone Light replaces the stock flash with a 300 lumen LED light that connects via the dock connector.  Not only does it increase the flash, but it also adds a dedicated shutter button and a cool grip to help in taking photos.

But what about video, you ask!?  Flip the switch to video mode, hit the trigger and the light stays on all the time to make your previously grainy videos nice and bright.

Technical Details:

  • Specifications: 300 Lumen LED, two CR 123 batteries or equivalent cell (not included), Standard Apple 30 pin connector. You supply the iPhone.
  • Colors: Black, White, Chrome (Kickstarter exclusive)
  • Operating Modes: Photo/Flash, Video, Test
  • Controls: Trigger, Mode switch, LED adjustment knob (0 to 300 lumens)
  • Compatibility: iPhone 4/4S, 1/4″ tripod mount

At $50, this is a great addition to anyone who wants to use their iPhone to take some great photos.

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