Pentax Optio WG-2

Do you like it dirty?  Wait – that sounds bad.  Do you like to get filthy? Nope – that didn’t work either.  Do you do a lot of outdoor activities that have the potential to ruin your camera? (there we go…).  The new Pentax Optio WG-2 is designed to be waterproof to 40 feet, dustproof, cold proof to 14 degrees F, crushproof to withstand 100KG force, and shock resistant to withstand a 5 foot drop.  Featuring a 16MP sensor, a 5X optical zoom and 1080p, 30fps video recording capabilities, it performs as well as it survives.  To view the images, there is a 3″ LCD w/HVGA resolution on the back.There is also a GPS version with location tags each of your images, in case you aren’t 100% sure where you were when you shot that photo of Bigfoot.

Pricing is around $400, which is great!  Find a dealer near you at