Phibian Amphibious Truck

If the Iguana Yacht was a boat/truck, then this is a truck/boat.  The Phibian Amphibious Truck is capable of highway speed on land, 30 mph on water, and is certified both road legal and sea-worth.  It can haul 15 passengers or 3300 pounds of cargo, so you can make your run to Home Depot and then drop it off at your own private island without ever having to get out of the cab!

Powered by twin turbo diesels on land and twin jet drives when on the water.  On land you can choose if it is FWD, RWD or selectable 4WD.  Not too shabby. Price isn’t released yet, but if you take the cost of a great SUV and a boat, this might turn out to be about the same price.  We wonder how you would insure it though…

Built by Gibbs Tech, we can see a ton of both recreational and military applications for this.  Personally, we just want to take it to a nice restaurant just to watch some poor valet try to park it!