Quinn Popcorn

Popcorn is a staple around our office.  I mean, we’ve had it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night snack, 3am pick me up, etc.  Our favorite way to cook it is in an old stove top cooker with peanut oil, but for ease, we have been known throw a bag in the microwave.  Now, however, Quinn Popcorn might have the best of both worlds.

So what makes this different from other microwave popcorn?  This one has no GMOs, hyrdrogenated oils, and plastic packaging. Their microwave popcorn is completely organic with amazing, fresh ingredients,  and comes in a compostable package.

But what about flavors?  Do they have a Movie Theater Butter-like Substitute good flavor?  Nope.  They are developing some amazing flavors, but launching with the following flavors.

  • Lemon & Sea Salt
  • Vermont Maple & Sea Salt
  • Parmesan & Rosemary

We will take a batch of all 3, please!

Get yours (no, you can’t have ours) from www.quinnpopcorn.com