Samsung Audio Dock

Samsung has spent the last year slapping Apple around.  First with the Galaxy S II (which featured one of our favorite commercials ever!), then the awesome Galaxy Tablet.  Now, they are entering the audio dock game – and boy oh boy are the entering it strong.

Debuting next week at CES, the Samsung DA-E750 and DA-E670 boast 100 wats and 40 watts of power, respectively. Compatibility includes the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Samsung Galaxy S devices.  The electronics in it are a a hybrid vacuum tube amplifier which combine the clarity of digital amplification with the warm sound of tubes.  Throw in the 2.1-channel speaker setup with built-in subwoofer, analog and USB inputs, and support for AllShare, AirPlay, and Bluetooth wireless audio streaming, and you have a serious audio dock.

But what is our favorite part of it?  They aren’t glossy white!  Glad to see Samsung still has a color palette around the office.